Runner’s Testimonials…


Georgie:  “I feel terrific about putting myself through the 25 km run!  The terrain is beautiful, and challenging with the hills and dirt trails. Any experienced runner would embrace the opportunity to do this trail run and I’m sure would hold such in their memory forever. One must be cognizant of the unknown, of course, such as bears, cougars and other forest-dwelling creatures! If you start to run out of steam there are always gifts from nature to feast on such as the alfalfa plants …followed by huckleberries and wild raspberries for dessert.”

Heather: “I am not sure if there is a fest in Sufferfest….but there is suffer.  Thank goodness what goes up must come down.”

Rick: “Doing the Sufferfest trail is a challenge for anyone…the trail will test your physical endurance and challenge your mental fortitude. Don’t be taken in by the beautiful , idyllic scenery around you at the starting line, this is one trail you don’t want to take lightly!”



Photo by Keyly Davidson

Some comments about 
the race…


Matt: “I’ve done more and different races than you could ever imagine: more triathlons than I could count, adventure races, marathons, 10K races, swimming races, multisport relays, adventure races, dragon boat, outrigger, many, many flat water kayak races, sailing races, orienteering races and ultra trail runs. Many were international events. Your race was as well organized or better than anything I’ve ever done… thanks for putting on an excellent race day and I’ll see you next year.”

Sara: “I’ve never had such a great time at a sporting event as I did this past weekend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your work.  You and all the volunteers I met were unbelievably lovely – I’m convinced this is what made Sufferfest so badass.  Really nice community event.” 

Chad: “You did an amazing job of the race.  I have done many trail races and this was by far the best organized, best marked, and nicest course I have run on in a long time.  Thanks. Can’t wait till next year!”

Lex: “Thanks for a great, very well organized, good feeling event (good suffering too!).”