Women & Youth Mountain Bike Clinic #2| July 27th-29th, 2018 (event completed)

Women and Youth Mountain Bike Clinic,
July 27th-29th
Nakusp, BC

Come Ride with us!

‘Get after it’ with Jaime Hill and Elladee Brown as they host two back-to-back weekends of MTB fun and progression for women and youth looking to take their skills to the next level!

Kootenay Sufferfest and Shon’s Bike Shop have joined forces with this dynamic duo to bring experienced, high-quality and high-energy coaching/guiding to beautiful Nakusp, BC on July 27-29th,  2018

Clinics are open to youth and women of all experience levels and will provide a great opportunity to check out Nakusp’s newest MTB trail expansion site at Mt. Abriel.

Women’s Clinic (limit of 24 participants) $115.00 each and Youth Clinic (limit of 24 participants)  $95.00 each (Youth participants must be between the ages of 9 years and 18 years old)

FREE SWAG GIVEAWAYS included in your registration to The Women & Youth Mountain Bike Clinics #1  & #2 from Juliana Bicycles! https://www.julianabicycles.com/en/us
AND… Door prizes from Smith Optics https://www.smithoptics.com/ca/

Register now to secure your spot for this amazing weekend!

Women riders! If you are interested in a fun Mountain Bike get-away with friends, consider a stay in the Hostel @ Shon’s!  We can sleep up to 17, with 4 private rooms and a relaxing common area for eating and socializing at the end of the day. Call 250-265-3332 for more info or to book a room!!


Youth Ride Clinic: Friday July 27th – Sunday July 29th, 2018 Itinerary

  • Friday July 27th
    • What: Bike Check and Sign-in
    • Where: Shon’s Bike Shop
    • When: 2:00pm-5:00pm


  • Saturday July 28th
    • What: Day one of skills and ride clinic
      • Fundamentals – balanced bike/body position
      • Operation of controls – breaking, gearing
      • Breaking and cornering – drills
      • Trail Rides!
    • Where: Meet at Mt. Abriel Camp Grounds and Trail area
    • When: 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Mt. Abriel Trails and Campground

  • Sunday July 29th
  • What: Day two of skills and ride clinic
  • Where: Meet at Box Lake Trail area
  • Shuttles and rides at Box Lake
  • When: 9:30am – 12:30pm

Box Lake Bike Trails

    • Women’s Ride Clinic: Friday July 27th – Sunday July 29th, 2018 Itinerary
      • Friday July 27th
        • What: Bike Check, Sign-in & Meet and Greet
        • Where: Shon’s Bike Shop
        • When: 6:00pm-8:30pm


      • Saturday July 28th
        • What: Day one of skills and ride clinic
          • Fundamentals – balanced bike/body position
          • Operation of controls – breaking, gearing
          • Breaking and Cornering – drills
          • Trail rides!
        • Where: Meet at Mt. Abriel Camp Grounds and Trail area (see map above)
        • When: 9:30am – 12:00pm


      • Sunday July 29th
        • What: Day two of skills and ride clinic
        • Where: Meet at Box Lake Trail area (see map above)
          • Load shuttles and head to New Denver for “Butter” and “Spine” trails!
        • When: 2:00pm – 5:00pm


Having ridden bikes for so long you’d think I’d be sick of it. Quite the opposite, in fact, I find myself getting more into it…the never-ending learning, the connection with people and the experience in nature. I consider access to the outdoors vital to our well-being as humans. When I first started mountain biking back in the 80’s there wasn’t anywhere you could go to ‘learn’ how to ride a mountain bike, there was no manual written. It was trial and error and you learned through friends or the hard way. I would love to have been coached more as an emerging rider –  it simply fast tracks you to your flow, whatever that is for you. There are aspects that can always be improved upon no matter how good you are. It’s important to be patient with yourself in this sport, there are many aspects and things to learn, both on and off the bike.

I’ve ridden mountain bikes for over 30 years and I’m still learning almost every time I head out there.  It’s an incredible ‘ride’ so to speak and the learning experience is a long one. It can be frustrating and frightening at times and then there are the moments where everything clicks. I’m fortunate to have been involved and have learned from some of the best in the industry when it comes to mountain bike instructing, teaching and guiding. In my experience people tend to learn differently, my goal as an instructor and guide is to help you maximize your abilities. Most importantly you enjoy the ride with some new-found knowledge and skills to build on. The rest is about riding, putting it to practice and finding your flow.

I also believe in the importance of being a good steward of the land and respecting the trails on which we ride. Simply being courteous to other trail users is an immediate and great way to put this into action. There are more people than ever before accessing remote and wild places, it’s up to us as the user to sustain our access. Finding local trail clubs and advocacy groups in your area is a great place to start: http://www.imbacanada.com/near-you

  • Elladee Brown developed her love for riding bikes at an early age in Nakusp. The natural beauty and freedom of riding bicycles was something that has stuck with her to this day. Almost 35 years later she finds herself still engaged in an activity that never gets old. Her racing career spanned almost a decade in the 90’s and from there evolved into coaching, teaching, media, events and other bike industry related pursuits. She holds a few championship titles in both downhill and cross country including a silver medal at the 1990 UCI Downhill World Championships. She’s a certified PMBIA level 1 guide/instructor with Wilderness 50-hr first aid certification.

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Friends and Allies: pmbia.org // nakusp and area bike society NABS // shons.ca // north slocan trail society //obsessionbikes.com



I began my athletics career as a world-class competitive gymnast, where I had the opportunity to represent Canada at several World Championships, Commonwealth Games and a host of other prestigious international competitions.  I carry the same drive, determination, work ethic and professionalism required to be an Olympic-level gymnast into my career as a mountain bike athlete, ambassador, coach and mentor.

After graduating from University on a full NCAA Gymnastics Scholarship, I made my way to Whistler, BC where I fell in love with biking and the adventures that came with it.

Since moving out west, biking has been an integral part of my life. I raced nationally and internationally on the World Cup Downhill circuit for several years, earning some impressive career highlights.  Over the last 6 years I have enjoyed exploring more terrain outside of the DH setting and finding adventure where ever my two wheels take me!

I have found a freedom and thrill with mountain biking that is unmatched to any other sport I’ve tried and the adrenaline rush that comes from pushing my limits and exploring new terrain all over the world is what continues to drive my passion for the sport today.

As an athlete, coaching and mentoring have always been a big part of my life, and much of my success on the bike I owe to my training as a gymnast and coach. Since 2006 I have transferred those skills to mountain biking, coaching and mentoring cyclists of all ages  to hone their bike skills and pursue their passion.

Over the last ten years I have seen a gap in the level of coaching specifically available to young girls. In 2017, I formed HILLTOP MTB (www.hilltopmtb.com) to bridge these gaps and keep girls on their bikes. My mandate is to coach, mentor, support and develop young female riders in the mountain bike community in the Sea to Sky Corridor and beyond.

I have been focusing on creating and coaching programs with supportive and fun environments where riders can feel comfortable developing their skills, character and leadership to throw down on any trail, on their bikes or beyond.

See you on the trails!

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