Mt. Abriel Adaptive Sports Camp 2018

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to our sponsors for their support of the Mt. Abriel Adaptive Camp. Without your support this event would not have been possible!

Our two day Adaptive Camp was a huge success! This was a great experience for all the participants and there was plenty of positive feedback!
Our first day saw the camp going out to Rosebery and enjoying the afternoon riding the Spine Trail. Everyone enjoyed the hot afternoon and we had a great BBQ in the evening to close out the day.
Our second day was held out at Mount Abriel Recreation and Trails site. The entire morning was spent enjoying the downhill and cross country adaptive trails.
The afternoon was spent at the the Nakusp Marina enjoying adaptive paddle-boarding with Access Revolution. The aquatic antics had a smile on every face!
The event ended with a wonderful dinner at the Arrow Lakes Tavern.  Many new friendships were made!
We would like to thank all of the participants and their entourage for participating. Your support, encouragement and participation inspire us to move onward and upward!
It is now time to gather all the feedback and commentary to make next year’s Adaptive Camp even better!